About Us

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Who Are We? ...
We are thinkers, doers and over achievers ...

How often have you asked yourself “what if”?

In 2004, a simple “What if” became a thought in motion, and Kameleon Enterprises and it’s subsidiary Fort Plastics were founded with garage space being both its corporate office, and sole distribution hub for just one product, the trash bag.

The creation of Fort Plastics was and is still driven by one basic principle: Customers First. Seems simple right?

But an evident lack of customer care and attention to detail by companies too “busy” to care is what propelled the “What if”?

What if” became and still is the primordial question in our modus operandi.

-What if we approach our clientele not just as new revenue, but also as business partners?

-What if we expedite service by offering same day delivery?

-What if we improve the buying experience by centralizing purchasing and expanding our product lines?

-What if we tailor our services so each partner doesn’t have to worry about stock and shortages, and they can focus on their main responsibilities, their customers?

Staying true to the same basic operating principle, Customer First, has allowed us to grow to 5 locations with distribution centers strategically placed in Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, the Baltimore-DC area, and Detroit.

With Satellite Locations in Texas and Colorado we can now cover the entire United States, Central America, and the Caribbean.

That one item in our inventory, the trash bag, has now branched out to over 75,000 products in over 10 different product lines, with 99% stock fill rate for our established customers.

The Brains Behind It All...

- Entrepreneur, Writer, Philanthropist, Bjj Enthusiast and Lifeaholic -

Founder and C.V.O Francois Damian Aristhomene Martinez is the creative brains behind our operations, with over 20 years of B2B experience, he recognized the lack of customer care, and inability many of the largest suppliers face in order to meet demand expeditiously, due to antiquated infrastructures and limited range.

When he is not coming up with another idea on how to better improve the mechanics of the Operation, you can find him on the mat practicing Brazilian Jiu jitsu, or traveling with the purpose of gaining inspiration for his upcoming projects.

He believes in investing in people as much as in yourself, for no one can achieve their true potential alone, as sometimes the key to your own greatness lies in assisting others achieve their own. 

Why? ...

Philanthropy and community support are at the forefront and one of the building principles at Fort.

Since 2009, 5 years after our birth, "THE KING SOLOMON AWARD" an academic scholarship created by our founder, has been donating to underserved high school youth in an effort to assist with tuition expenses and provide higher education opportunities.

The main goal of the award is to push youth to maintain a connection to the basic principles of discipline and consistency, while also enriching their spiritual lives regardless of religious denomination.

Your business makes a difference!

We have pledged to donate $1 dollar for every case of trash liners sold, and allocate it to our scholarship award.

Our goal as a company is to provide twenty students each year with $50,000 in college tuition, totaling $1 million per year in awards.

We believe It is our responsibility as a company to reach out, and help those coming behind us, as nothing drives change more than investing in our youth.

We look forward to partnering with you and making a difference where it matters most.