Who Are We?

We are thinkers, doers and over achievers!

In 2004, a simple “What if” became a thought in motion, and Kameleon Enterprises along with its subsidiary Fort International were founded with garage space being both its corporate office, and sole distribution hub for just one product, the trash bag. “What if” became and still is the primordial question in our modus-operandi.

The creation of our company was driven by one basic principle: Customer First! Every organization, no matter the size, is a customer somewhere in the supply chain, yet an evident lack of customer care and attention to detail towards the end user propelled us to action and hence the “What if”?




Francois Damian Aristhomene Martinez, our Founder, is an Entrepreneur, Writer, Philanthropist, BJJ Enthusiast and Lifeaholic.

He has over 20 years of B2B experience, and with such, recognized the lack of customer care, and inability many of the largest suppliers face in order to meet demand expeditiously, due to antiquated infrastructure and limited range.

When he is not coming up with another idea on how to better improve the mechanics of the Operation, you can find him on the mat practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or traveling with the purpose of gaining inspiration for his upcoming projects.

He believes in investing in people as much as in yourself, for no one can achieve their true potential alone, as sometimes the key to your own greatness lies in assisting others achieve their own.



At FORT, our slogan is more than just a phrase; The purpose is driven by our TEAM and what we do not only within FORT,but externally as well with the impact we constantly strive for in our communities.
The company is strongly committed to its diversity and inclusion initiatives, as well as life-work balance practices!

FORT makes a strong conscious effort with its hiring process to place the right individuals in the right roles, all while ensuring we employ diverse team to help us drive our purpose, mission and vision.
The Chief of Staff oversees all operational aspects of the business. This is achieved by the constant quest of business optimization and implementation strategies.

Our Social Responsibility department oversees our social initiatives and outreach community programs, constantly promoting the principles of our organization.
Our Sales and Customer Support Teams’ main goal is to provide a consistently engaging buying experience. Precision, speed, and execution are the recipe behind our service.
Industries throughout the world need a strong accounting department, and ours is no different. Attention to detail in this area reflects our customer oriented vision, which allows us to provide above standard service.


A key driver to FORT's success is living our CORE Values. We are true believers that living and breathing these values will assist us not only in excelling as a company, but also as individuals in life!


Without this, there is nothing!


You either have it or you don’t. FORT was built on this.


To our employees and partners above all else.


So you can focus on what’s important...


How else can one learn?


If we are not consistent, what are we doing?


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create synergies and symbiotic relationships which propel growth.


At FORT, we strive to live and breathe our company's core values. Through excellent customer support while providing products which assist B2B companies run their daily operations, our business becomes the bridge that allows the connection between our purpose and our vision.


To help and inspire as many individuals as possible achieve their own goals academically or professionally;

By doing so, we are laying out a footprint for others to not only follow but also improve.